Love and Liberation Through Song

Welcome, Beloved!

My name is Lisa. I am a singer, songwriter, and facilitator of embodied voice, song alchemy, and heart connection. 

I care about making singing accessible to all; my mission is to bring people together using song as a vehicle for personal and collective healing and liberation. 

For nearly 20 years, I have facilitated 1:1 and community singing spaces for folx of all ages and backgrounds who seek connection, expansion, joy, and belonging.

I am a queer feminist, an improviser, an abolitionist, and a community-builder. 

I value depth, closeness, softness, imagination, authenticity, curiosity, vulnerability, interdependence, justice, and love. 

I swim with the fish, sing with the birds, and dance with the moon.

I am grateful that you are here and that we are alive on this earth at the same time. 


From The Ashes

From the Ashes is a breath and a prayer, infused with soul-stirring vocal harmonies and carefully-crafted arrangements. Through themes of destruction and rebirth, grief and joy, transformation, justice and love, Lisaʻs latest release both reminds us of our interconnectedness and sings into the seemingly lonely paradox of the human experience.

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Singing Is Your Birthright

Do you feel called to sing but something holds you back? Are you looking to find healing through your own song? Do you want to tap into your magical, human creative potential?

I offer 1:1 heart-centered coaching sessions, singing / songwriting mentorship, life-affirming community singing spaces, and more!

I am committed to decolonizing the western settler capitalist concept of singing as an exclusive activity only for some, and not the universal truth that it is; a sacred birthright for all. I aim to breathe humanity into the spaces I hold, with vulnerability and compassion. I am working to heal the wounds of music elitism and not-enoughness through an embodied, trauma-informed and heartful approach. For me, love is paramount, and closeness is the antidote to white supremacist delusion, cisheteropatriarchy and cultural disconnection; essentially all of my life work has revolved around cultivating deep relationships and community. 


Contact me to book a 1:1 coaching or voice magic session, a group clinic/workshop or community-building retreat. Custom arrangement and song commissions are available as well as for-hire session vocalist and live solo performances. All bookings are virtual or in-person.


Call or Text: 510-499-4899