Whether we are in hope or in despair, singing can transform the energy in our bodies, rippling outward to shift the energy on the planet.


Queer Choir Collective

Queer Choir Collective curates non-gendered, intergenerational, re-humanizing singing spaces for queer, trans and gender-expansive individuals of all identities and voice types (Allies/co-conspirators welcome). QCC offers 8-week choir cohorts and drop-in song circles Eugene, OR, as well as a bi-weekly Zoom sing for folx outside the area.

One-Day A Cappella Magic

One-Day A Cappella Magic events invite you to be part of an a cappella group for an afternoon! Each event, you will join a small ensemble (5-16 singers) made up of experienced singers who love to sing in close harmony. Whether you’ve been out of the choir game for a decade or more, or you’re singing all the time in all the ways, this is sure to be a rewarding and challenging harmony-singing experience. Events take place in Eugene and Portland, OR, and periodically in Oakland, CA. Join the Meetup group to stay in the know, or learn how to register for an event.


WeSing is a queer-led, intergenerational and life-affirming community of humans, singing into the growing and necessary movement for our collective liberation. At this time, WeSing is offered through Patreon in the form of monthly New Moon song circles on Zoom.

What People Are Saying

“Lisa’s beautiful facilitation of singing circles is nothing short of musical alchemy – Lisa creates spaces that are warm, safe, welcoming, and courageous, melding music and message in deep, meaningful ways.”

– Angela

“Being in QCC reminded me that my voice (and by extension me) has its special strengths and deserves to be heard along with others in harmony, or dissonance as it may be. Thank you for that!” 

– Dan

“Lisa creates space that allows me to be my freest self. She reminds me through music that I can be playful, bold, and connected. In this space I get to witness how we heal each other, and we need examples of that to see the world we want.”


“I feel a sense of freedom and hopefulness in these sessions. Lisa’s authentic style allows everyone to be their true selves and the sharing and connecting is powerful and heartfelt. I leave each session satisfied from the bountiful meal of song and kindness that has been served!” 


Connect on Patreon

Becoming a patreon subscriber is a meaningful way to engage with my creative work. I am increasingly removing myself from social media as a way to divest from platforms sponsored by greedy billionaires that ultimately feel like they foster more of a sense of disconnection and loneliness in me. When you become a patreon subscriber, you get early access to new songs and videos, as well as exclusive content including improvised songs, love letters, photos, behind-the-scenes stories and pieces of creative expression too sacred to share more widely. It is a sweet and intimate community. In reciprocity, you can get tapped into voice lessons, a monthly virtual song circle, vocal arrangements and more. For as little as $3/month you can join the community, and you get 10% off if you subscribe for a year up front.

Voice Magic

Allow me to be your guide.

There is a powerful tool already inside of you – YOUR VOICE!

Our work together can include:


  • Healthy singing technique
  • Finding a sound that is authentically YOU!
  • Healing wounds of not-enoughness
  • Using mindful self-compassion to engage with the critical inner voice
  • Improvising to liberate the voice and body
  • Songwriting as a tool for expression and affirmation

What People Are Saying

“Lisa creates a safe space to unpack all the vulnerabilities and sensitivities that come with singing for me. She is absolutely present and so very knowledgeable. I feel safely held and guided.”

– Jenn

“Lisa is an incredible teacher. She was able to connect with me and meet me where I was at – even over zoom and across the Pacific Ocean. Her humour, warmth and technical knowledge helped me gain confidence in my ability to sing. She also helped me recognize, and be comfortable with, the areas where I can improve. I highly recommend Lisa as a singing teacher!”

– Eric

“Lisa is caring, patient, creative, and enthusiastic – all the qualities you want in an instructor! She has been an absolute delight to work with, always personalizing her teaching approach to make me feel comfortable and successful. I especially love her focus on bodywork and mindfulness to optimize relaxing the vocal muscles. Such a pleasure to work with her!”



I would be honored to support you in the alignment of your mission on this earth! Coaching sessions can include:

  • Living into your most authentic, abundantly-creative self
  • Crafting a personal or group manifesto
  • Using music for personal and collective transformation
  • Choosing repertoire that aligns with your mission, tuning into that message and communicating with your audience
  • Relationship and community-building
  • Cultivating connection, trust and interdependence within groups

I have experience coaching individuals and groups, from adolescence into adulthood. My clients have included music teachers, budding singer-songwriters, and folx tapping into their creative spirit after many years in disconnection. I also work with white-bodied folx who are ready to heal from toxic whiteness and want to get curious about how to divest from systems of oppression.

What People Are Saying

“Through the beauty of her heart, the power of her gifts, and her deep love for music, voice, Spirit, and community, Lisa shines her bright, bright light into the darkness of the world, bringing connection, healing, and JOY!!!”

– Loren

“Lisa’s magic is sensing the creative potential in others and using her skill and masterful teaching to give it form and sound. Everyone is an instrument, in her eyes, as she guides both the musically gifted and sonically challenged to bring their gifts together in music. She knows how to create a welcoming, level playing field where each one’s contribution is valued, showing how community is built through her artistry of building music that heals our hearts and bonds our souls.”

– Nancy

“I am so grateful to Lisa for working with me and my group. Her artistic perspective and skill set, combined with her kindness and empathy instantly set me at ease and our session left me with invaluable tools to carry into my rehearsals.”


​​”No words are adequate to express our thanks for the workshop with Lisa. I am so very grateful for her sensitivity and responsiveness to the students; they left the school this evening with a spirit of joy that I haven’t seen in their faces for many, many months. Thank you for reminding us of the power of love.”